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Implementation of RES (Renewable Energy Sources) projectsBlessed Solar has critical expertise in renewable energy, from concept decision making to hands-on operations.

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We are Delivering cost-effective, reliable and innovative Solar Energy projects and products.

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Above 100kw The systems above 100 KVA require special design consideration and shall match with the specific industry appliances and load. We perform a feasibility study and report prior to start the design. In the study various options are evaluated against each other e.g. Type of solar panels, Inverters, Battery back-up, On-grid, Off-grid or Hybrid. Solar Sigma team recommends the best possible and suitable solution to clients after a series of thorough studies. 


15-100kW 11-100 KVA Solar System is designed to cater to the energy requirement of most commercial units such as Hotels, Hospitals, Plazas, and warehouses. Our team will help you in the selection of the right system for your needs.


1-15kW solar systems are available for domestic use. Please let us know what is your electricity requirement and we’ll customize a cost-effective and reliable system matching exactly with your demand. We not only provide you complete Solar Solutions but are committed to provide you after-sales service as well.

DC Home System

We Offer unique DC systems We feel proud that we have designed and assembled this DC home kit, which is convenient for home and office use. It is a low cost that provides electric power to different appliances directly from solar light at day time and stores it in the battery for night time usage. It is very effective for remote areas.

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Solar Power isn’t owned by anyone


Solar power is the last energy resource that isn’t owned yet – nobody taxes the sun. Get renewable solar energy that saves you money and is friendly to nature. We love GREEN. 

  • Our Projects 85% 85%
  • Our Products 75% 75%
  • Company Leadership 90% 90%

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Wind Energy

Our wind energy specialists are experienced in both onshore and offshore wind projects, providing a full suite of professional services for wind developers, asset owners, investors and utilities including development, construction, operation maintenance.

Solar Energy

Solar Services can specify, design, install and commission solar energy systems for your home, offices, shops, shopping mall, petrol pumps, marriage garden, banquet, advertisers, water and family parks and hospitals etc.

Energy Conservation

We can save energy without the installation of any alternate energy solution through energy audits